Amazing Train: A Poem for Children


Children, let us go on a wonderful train.

We will board it at Big Bang.
In a dazzling explosion of light
Our train will begin journey!

Galaxies will spin
Like fireworks around us.Through the window
We will witness
Greatest wonder
As life in its humblest origin
Of floating specks full of potentialities,
Transforms into men and women and their cities
And their short lived dreams
And their final anguish,
When we will see the Sun finally die
And we will cry for our dearest beautiful Earth.
Train will keep on speeding
Through the strangest vistas
Inside Black Holes
And even beyond.

Trillions of trillions years will pass,
We will be just as amazed
By what we will see and hear and know.
Will we ever get answers to your questions:
What is all this? Who are we?
In a dream-like landscape,
Our train will just keep on going
Towards Eternity

You and I listening to the most melodious
Vibrations of Space-Time
As finally we become one with the Music.
(May 1, 2012; Written for all science loving children and my kids.)